We are St. Louis residents with a love of architecture, good design and great lines. We look at a space from all angles, take it apart and put it back together in a whole new way. We’re always looking around the corner to what’s next on the design horizon — not just following fleeting trends. If it’s classic and will stand the test of time, we’re on it. As long as it’s fresh, comfortable and personal, too.

We are always adapting

You have an idea. Something in the back of your mind or drawn out. But filling the space with your ideas in a way that is both tasteful and comfortable – this is where we shine. Whether you need a full scale revitalization of your space, a remodel, staging a few key rooms, or to style a space for a special event – we make your vision a reality. You may not know exactly what you want, but we are here to interpret your ideas into perfection – for you.

We listen

 We get inspiration from the world around us, client tastes, experimentation and more. Design is always changing – and we strive for a timeless but comfortable aesthetic. You don’t have to just appreciate our design – you should be comfortable living in it. We can adapt any design or concept to fit your lifestyle. Whether it is a magazine spread or a lamp you are in love with – we can design around you!